L’il bit nervous but here it is……

12 Jun

The first post from .::Sugahlicious::. the brand spanking new blog brought to you by .::Pink Sugah::.

Well, that made it sound a little more grand than it actually is, but hey ho, here you go:

We decided to make a blog, for something to do really and to bring you all the exciting news and offers and new releases from our store. I am sure you have seen all those women walking around Second Life that are 18′ tall with shoulders a rugby player would be proud of. Yeah? We did too, and they brought us out in a rash. So we started making shapes and opened our stores selling what we hope are realistic, adorable, properly sized and proportioned womens shapes with adorable faces and perfect bee-hinds. Making Second Life cuter one avatar at a time!

As well as our store, we will be using the blog to write about, well, pretty much anything we feel like, coz it’s our blog and we can!!!! Though to be fair anything else we post will probably focus on our favourite topic SHOPPING!!!!

Okies, I better go do something useful in RL.

Hope you enjoy it

Tara and Tayla

P.S Here is the blurb we use in-world to describe our store, just in case you didn’t already see it ;p

ღღ Sugah n Spice and everything nice....Isn't that what girls are made of??? 
So if you are sick of the 8ft Amazonian shapes that sl has to offer do yourself a favour and come check us out. Our shapes are so sweet they will leave you with cavities :) 
Shapes to suit:
People that are sick of extremely tall avatars o.O

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