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I Need New…………

8 Jul

…… Special Anniversary Week.

It is the one year anniversary of the I Need New…… events, and each store involved is putting out their favourite or bestselling item this weekend. We have only been involved for a few weeks, so there was not much choice. As we liked our I Need New….Down Under shape best, and everyone else seemed to like it too, because we sold loads of them. We are putting that back out for you this week, giving anyone who didn’t get round to buying it last time another chance to get it. See how good we are to you 😛

Jenna is out in the store now for the bargain price of L$99 ~ woot!



Not only that…… Because we loves you, we have put out I Need New…..Independence as a freebie. Lots of the other stores will have past items out as gifts too, so make sure you get to them all and see what goodies you can get for free. I can’t wait for the list to be released so I can go get them. There is nothing better than getting good shit for freeeeeeeeee in SL 🙂 Look for the gift box near the I Need New…..Vendor to pick up Olivia as a freebie 🙂 (please note that as a freebie, the shape is NOT MODIFIABLE, come on, not even we are THAT nice)


Also……The skull and bones hunt is still going on, and the Midsummer Nights Dream, and the pile of freebies in the corner seems to get bigger every time I look.

We didn’t get around to changing the Midnight Mania boards yet, but we are gonna do that soon, I promise. And the Lucky ‘shroom will also be up and running in the near future. I have been a bit distracted this week, you can blame Jason for that ❤

The Poppycock event at the Suicide Dolls Sim, was, I believe a great success and lots of fun. Why do I always miss all the good stuff????? 😦

And of course don’t forget to visit The Boneyard at Suicide Dolls too, for loads of really cool stuffs from cools stores.

Tara & Tayla




3 Jul

Been away all weekend, drinking in the sunshine, yay!!!!! So there is a couple of things to add at once. Sorry for any mistakes and whatnot, but I am soooo tired not that I should complain as it is entirely self inflicted 🙂

I Need New……Independence….The theme this weekend for I Need New… has been all things American, because of July 4th tomorrow. I know the weekend is almost over but the shape will be available in our mainstore for the whole week, as we usually do. It is a bargain at 50L$ and comes with the styling card included, because we are nice like that 🙂


.::Pink Sugah::. is also taking part in the Skull and Bones Hunt, when you get to the store look for the treasure chest to pick up your free shape. I took a picture of her, but as I said I am really fucking tired, so it kinda sucks but she is cute I promise 😛

Also…….The Just Desserts Hunt has come to a close, but I left the cupcake in the ever growing pile of free stuffs in the mainstore. So if you missed the hunt, come grab it now.

The Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt is still on going, look for the cute blue butterfly to find the shape I love so much I can’t believe I am actually giving it away in a hunt *facepalms*

Ohhh, and we bought a lucky ‘shroom, not got round to sorting that out yet, but we will let you know as soon as we do. Will try to get a couple out in the mainstore ASAP with brand new shapes in that are not available for sale yet, so if you get lucky you will have an exclusive!!!!!!

Okies, I think that’s everything, unless I forgot something, which is highly likely right now

Tara and Tayla


P.S Don’t forget to catch the last bit of the Poppycock event at the Suicide Dolls Sim