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30 Apr

It is not always sweetness and light at Pink Sugah, no matter what the name may suggest, me and Tay have our darker moments too. We both chose these outfits on the same day by complete coincidence, or just because we can see inside each others heads! So we took the opportunity to do a new picture for our profiles. We really really love these looks so we thought we better blog them!

Tayla is much kinder than me, when she gave me the notecard of what she was wearing, she put slurls and everything on it!!!

Tayla Wears:

Shape: Her own (sorry not for sale)
~SugahTitz~ Dotty Boob Tube – Red (coming soon)
.::PS::. Platform Pumps – Ruby (coming soon)
.::PS::. Super gloss with frex and blush – clear (coming soon)
.::PS::. Super low knickers with bow (coming soon)

Skin is from Curio:
Tantrum 2 – Acorn frex [dark]

Hair is by lamb:
!lamb. oleander – Ink

Minnie mouse ears, nails and collar are by Dirty land:
dl:: Urban Mini’s Ears
dl:: Secret Angel Choker
dl:: Extreme long nails

Eyes are negaposi:
Fairy eyes – bluecave & Lunar eye – Clover

Warpaint is by little pricks:
purchased off marketplace
:LP: Warpaint Dark (v2-Facial Tattoo)

Cigarette is by Hermony:
.:hermony:. / Ultimate Cigarette

Prim Teeth are by d. select:

Piercings by ni.ju:
Purchased off Marketplace
[ni.Ju] Chain Chomp Piercing [boxed]

Necklace by Toxic Kitty:
::TOXIC KITTY:: Simple Rosary Exclusive Group Gift

Neck Tattoo is by Salt and Pepper:
S (and) P – Pretty Reckless Tattoo

Sleeve tattoo and leg bows by Glue ink:
[GLUE INK] Bow Tattoos
[GLUE INK] ~*Pandora Tattoo*~

Bracelets and ankle nails by [[SHADE THRONE]]:

Rings are MANDALA:

Buttplug by tapi:
;tapi :: buttplug :: RLV :: black :: [BOXED]
Corset, Garter and Nylon socks are Luck Inc:
** Bitch Garter
** Garter Nylons Torn Black
** Lust Corset Black

Tara Wears:

Shape ~ .::Pink Sugah::. but it’s mine, if you want a custom shape, just message one of us for a price, we promise not to give your bank manager a heart attack 🙂

Skin ~ Filthy, April group gift, deep tan

Tattoos~ Lower Arms – Essential Soul, Aces up your sleeves
Upper Arms – Ink’d up, Blessed

Eyelashes ~ (Prims) Damned, my perfect eyelashes
(tattoos) Gleam, superlashes

Eyes ~ Hermony R eyes, mono

Ears ~ Gauged, human ears

Hair ~ Elikatira, Locked (black)

Corset ~ Etchaflesh, Sunburst Corset

Piercings ~ Mad Echo, Abby piercing

Lipgloss ~ Sauce, red raspberry jam

Lace Mask ~ Dirtyland – face mask tattoo, black

Collar ~ Dirtyland – Secret Angel Choker

Stockings and Suspenders ~ Lingerie by Hollee- Debauchery – charcoal black

Boots ~ Mesmerise Dungeons – Ballet boots

Nails ~ Mstyle – Long Nails, elegant

Knickers ~ The Bishes – Angel Panties, black

Hairbase ~ Truth, Crow

Happy Shopping

Tara & Tayla


This is Totally Me Hunt………..

27 Apr

This is Totally Me Hunt runs throughout May and we are really excited to be part of it. Tay has made a really cute cupcake ring and mouth nom thingy. The idea behind this hunt is to make something that is, well, totally us! And we love cake!!! So what better thing to make than something cake themed 🙂

Here is the picture, we hope you like it:

Don’t forget that The new No Strings attached hunt is also running in May and we are in that one too!

Happy Hunting

Tara & Tayla


I Want to Ride my Bicycle……….

20 Apr

I went to [Serenity:Emily] to buy a pink ride on lawn mower I had seen (don’t ask!) and I spotted this really cute bicycle, I just had to have it! I’ve been getting on peoples nerves all over the grid cycling about and running down anyone in my path, but it just makes me sooooo happy I can’t seem to help myself.  I took the picture at the Warrumville Designers sim , when I was there shopping (on my bike) with my lovely friend Monsoon. It just seemed the perfect place for the picture. I also, spent a fortune in the stores there *facepalms*. I am not wearing the things I bought there in the picture though, this is just what I was wearing on that day.

I’m Wearing:

Bicycle ~ Serenity:Emily – Retro Bike, pink

Shape ~ Pink Sugah – Gretchen

Hair ~ Truth – Evelyn

Make up ~ Fishy Strawberry

Nails ~ Sexy Mamas – manicure

Skin ~ Al Vulo – Miha

Tattoos ~ Glue Ink – Leg bows

Glasses ~ Reek – Park Shades

Bracelet ~ Mandala – Pearl Rain Bangle, gold

Necklace ~ Artilleri – make a wish necklace

Monroe Piercing ~ ni.ju

Ring ~ NS – Le Rock

Shoes ~ Mstyle – Rivea Pumps

Shorts ~ Tres Blah – Sailor Shorts

Top ~ Gizza Creations – Frilly Shirt

Tara & Tayla


No Strings Attached Hunt 4….

20 Apr

We are taking part in the NSA hunt again, this time it is number 4! We were asked to take part this time rather than applying, so that made me very happy, LOL 😀

This time we are putting out 2  new things for you in the hunt prize, because we are just that nice! A shape of course and a top, we hope you like them.

Happy Hunting

Tara & Tayla


Spring is Here Hunt @ Jersey Shore

17 Apr

I was a little bored this afternoon when I got a notecard about this hunt, it started today (I think), and I thought I would head over and see what I could find. The yellow flowers were pretty easy to spot, which is good for me because I am a VERY lazy hunter! All priced at 10L each. Like all hunts, some of the booty was better than others. I thought while I was feeling motivated I would do a very quick picture using some of the best things I got.

Hope you like it and good luck with the hunting!

Tara & Tayla


I’m wearing:

Shape ~ Pink Sugah, Liat

Lipstick with Teeth ~ A&M, Pastel Lipsticks in cream (SIHH)

Shorts ~ American Bazaar (SIHH)

Earrings ~ PiCHi (SIHH)

Hoodie ~ Epic (SIHH)

Skin ~ Step Inside (SIHH)

Eyes ~ Hermony

Lashes ~ Superlashes

Hair ~ Truth, Tammy

Nails ~ Mstyle, Long nails, colourful

Facial Piercings ~ Mad Echo, Abbey

Shoes ~ Urban Bomb Unit, Pornstar Xtra high tops

Tights ~ Riddle, I heart you tights

Dee’s Dresses

5 Apr

I got my prim tits a while back, and ever since I have been struggling to get a lot of decent clothes to wear with them. Tay found these dresses on the marketplace and we ❤ them, they come in 4 plain colours and 4 different 2 tone ones. We both bought all 4 plain coloured ones and have barely had them off since. The textures are lovely, and the applier is about as easy as can be \o/

Shape – It’s Pink sugah, but it’s mine, lol, if you do want a custom shape though, feel free to message either of us to talk about it 🙂

Shoes – NCore

Dress – Dee’s

Skin – Al Vulo

Hair – Milana

Long Necklace – Toxic Kitty (I think this was a group gift but I am not sure)

Doll Necklace – Addict

Tattoo’s – Glue Ink

Nails – Mandala

Piercings – Mad Echo

Prim Tits – Lola’s naturals

So much news…………

4 Apr

I have been so busy with other stuff lately that I have been very lapse with the blog, so there are a few things to post about!!!

Bunneh Hats!!!

We have put our new Bunneh hats out ready for Easter, pink for the girls & blue for the boys (or the other way around if you so wish, we won’t judge you :P). I might add some more colours at a later date, so if you are desperate for a bunny with a green nose or something let me know!

Chocolate Easter Hunt!!

We are taking part in the Chocolate Easter Hunt this year and have made some cute pink bunneh ears, they are hidden in a chocolate rabbit somewhere in the store 🙂

New Look Store!!

We fancied trying our hands at building, so we made ourselves a new store. Drop by and see it, and if you ❤ it, you can buy it! There is a vendor at the front of the store where you can get your very own Pink Sugah!

We have also made a couple of pieces of furniture that are available in world, I haven’t got around to making pictures of them yet, so until you get there you will have to believe me when I tell you they are cute and cheap! What more can you ask for really?

The Midnight Mania and Lucky Board – New Prizes coming soon!!

Happy Shopping

Tara & Tayla