So much news…………

4 Apr

I have been so busy with other stuff lately that I have been very lapse with the blog, so there are a few things to post about!!!

Bunneh Hats!!!

We have put our new Bunneh hats out ready for Easter, pink for the girls & blue for the boys (or the other way around if you so wish, we won’t judge you :P). I might add some more colours at a later date, so if you are desperate for a bunny with a green nose or something let me know!

Chocolate Easter Hunt!!

We are taking part in the Chocolate Easter Hunt this year and have made some cute pink bunneh ears, they are hidden in a chocolate rabbit somewhere in the store 🙂

New Look Store!!

We fancied trying our hands at building, so we made ourselves a new store. Drop by and see it, and if you ❤ it, you can buy it! There is a vendor at the front of the store where you can get your very own Pink Sugah!

We have also made a couple of pieces of furniture that are available in world, I haven’t got around to making pictures of them yet, so until you get there you will have to believe me when I tell you they are cute and cheap! What more can you ask for really?

The Midnight Mania and Lucky Board – New Prizes coming soon!!

Happy Shopping

Tara & Tayla


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