Spring is Here Hunt @ Jersey Shore

17 Apr

I was a little bored this afternoon when I got a notecard about this hunt, it started today (I think), and I thought I would head over and see what I could find. The yellow flowers were pretty easy to spot, which is good for me because I am a VERY lazy hunter! All priced at 10L each. Like all hunts, some of the booty was better than others. I thought while I was feeling motivated I would do a very quick picture using some of the best things I got.

Hope you like it and good luck with the hunting!

Tara & Tayla


I’m wearing:

Shape ~ Pink Sugah, Liat

Lipstick with Teeth ~ A&M, Pastel Lipsticks in cream (SIHH)

Shorts ~ American Bazaar (SIHH)

Earrings ~ PiCHi (SIHH)

Hoodie ~ Epic (SIHH)

Skin ~ Step Inside (SIHH)

Eyes ~ Hermony

Lashes ~ Superlashes

Hair ~ Truth, Tammy

Nails ~ Mstyle, Long nails, colourful

Facial Piercings ~ Mad Echo, Abbey

Shoes ~ Urban Bomb Unit, Pornstar Xtra high tops

Tights ~ Riddle, I heart you tights

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