New Start, New Stuffs!!!!!

17 Oct

Today I released my first go at clothing for prim tits, and I’m feeling reasonably pleased with how it has turned out. I’ll show you the picture and then say a little more





I’ve tested the appliers on Mused full breasts and Milk maids, Lola’s naturals and push ups, and eboobs anime overfilleds. They will probably be fine on others with a little bit of tweaking but I wouldn’t like to say for sure. I did include a notecard for those who want to adjust the texture slightly on their boobs, because I am nice like that!

The dresses are priced at L$99 for all 3,  a plain pink, a zebra print and a leopard print, which I am sure you will agree is a steal!

Anyway, I’ve much much more to be getting along with. I hope you like these dresses

I’m just adding one more picture for good measure, jinxy was playing around with the lighting and I just liked this one of the two of us:

Happy Shopping




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