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Bewbapalooza…..Boobs, Bargains and freebies \o/

30 Nov

Everything you could possibly want in one shopping event!

I am sooo excited to be part of the first round of Bewbapallooza (even though I have real trouble spelling it every time, lol) I set up my little corner yesterday, chatted to a couple of the other creators there and had a look around and I can  tell you for sure,if you go there and there is nothing you want to buy, you must be crazy! There are some great items for sale, great prices and even better some of them are free. There is something for everyone’s style, so make sure you tell your friends all about it. This is going to be quite a long post because I have done a few new items for the event, one of them being my favourite so far that I did! So, I better get on with showing you them right, instead of rambling on in my usual fashion 🙂

The first of the new items are called Charming, and they are packs of 3 cute little tops that are straining a little at the buttons, it is a tough job holding those Lola’s in place! lol:

charming rawr vendor

charming glitzy vendor


I also made one of these tops in a cute dotty fabric for the event freebie:

bewbapalooza gift poster





The second of the new items is called (S)aint (please please don’t click on the link for the youtube video that I have put under it if you are under 18 or if you are easily offended, I love the video and the song, but I realise it might not be everyone’s cup of tea)

Saint rockablilly vendor


Here is the poster for the event, so you can see who else is involved, and because I like it, it looks cool 🙂

Bewbapalooza Store Poster


Hope you enjoy Bewbapalooza (a little hint, make sure you grab the patchwork heart giftie, I LOVE it!)

Happy Shopping



29 Nov
27 Nov

Sarina's Fashion Diary


Outfit – .::Pink Sugah::. Tink Kink

is created by Pink Sugah

which is made for the Forgotten Closet

for this weeks Saturday Morning Cartoons.

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27 Nov

Sarina's Fashion Diary


Underwear and Dress are both by Pink Sugah.

But you can get them at Forgotten Closet.

All others in previous posts <3.

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This weeks Grenade Free Wednesday……

26 Nov

Hello Lovelies,

This week for GFW I am putting out the Rapture dresses in blue (with Tango appliers) at half price \o/

I keep promising myself I will make something exclusive for GFW, but it hasn’t quite worked out like that so far. But I will get there one day!

Here is the vendor:



Okies, I am going to make more Tango appliers, I have to be more focussed! 😀

Happy Shopping



Savannah Dresses……..Now with Tango Appliers \o/

25 Nov

Hello Lovelies,

Well that is another one done, lol, woot! The Savannah dresses are now in all the stores and on the marketplace with Lola’s Tango appliers.


I’ll be updating the one in the MM board asap too.

Don’t forget, if you already bought the dresses in the original pack without the tango appliers and you would like to update it. Send me a NC with your name and the transaction details on, including the date please and I will send you over the new appliers as a free upgrade.

Happy Shopping



25 Nov

thank you lovely, looks fab ❤

Style Bible Of Anjeliicaa

We won’t grow up!
(We won’t grow up)
We will never grow a day 
(We will never grow a day)
And if someone tries to make it
(And if someone tries to make it)
We will simply run away
(We will simply run away)

Hey My Loves! I hope everyone had a great and amazing Thanksgiving. I know I did. Plus I ate toooo much >.< But it was well worth it because shoot, you only get Thanksgiving once a year, am I right? 😀

So for today’s post, Im gonna blog about Forgotten Closet. Why? Because today is the day of a new and amazing theme, Saturday Morning Cartoons. Its pretty amazing, Totally excited. I loved watching cartoons when I was little and honestly, I still love it!

This outfit is coming from the creator and owner of .::Pink Sugah::. This outfit is called Tink Tink. Can you guess…

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Forgotten Closet – Saturday morning (cartoon characters) \o/

25 Nov

Hello Lovelies,

The new round of The Forgotten Closet opens it’s doors tomorrow (Mon 26th Nov) and the theme this time is Saturday mornings. I was just spoiled for choice this time with what to do. Any excuse at all to make slutty Disney characters \o/

I settled on Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell in the end, here are the vendor pictures:


I have been prancing around sl all week dressed as Tinkerbell, I am such a big kid! lol

Anyway, I hope you like these and all the other really cute things on offer this round at Forgotten Closet, I have seen loads of them already and they look amazing, and of course everything is a bargain \o/

I’m still working on those Tango appliers, hoping they will all be updated in a couple of days.  I will let you know when. Don’t forget to hit me up for your free upgrade should you need it.

Happy Shopping



25 Nov

thank you Joycee, once again for the sexy pictures ❤

Hello Sailor….the sequel

24 Nov

Hello Lovelies,

The Call of Duty round of Forgotten Closet has come to a close. Never fear though, the new one will be starting on 26th and I have seen the stuff going in there, it looks amazing! I’ll post more on that nearer the time, but for now a little bit of news on the Hello Sailor outfits I had in the Call of Duty Round.

I have updated them and released them in all my stores and on the marketplace with the new Lola’s Tango appliers \o/. Don’t worry if you have already bought them and you want the new appliers, just NC me with your name and the transaction details (including the date) and I will send you the new appliers ASAP. None of us wants to buy the same thing twice, right?

Here are the new vendor pictures to refresh your memory:


Also in store with the Lola’s Tango appliers is the Doll Lingerie, and the Rapture Dresses have also been updated.

Don’t forget the Hunt for your Inner Slut is still going strong, so come and grab yourself a nice big fat gold cock while you still can 😀

Happy Shopping