14 Nov

Love the look, the dress looks amazing with those boots *rushes out to buy them* ❤

The Key's In The Closet

Hey everyone, I thought I would have been posting blogs by now but some stuff came up and i lost track of time and now my son is sick in RL. So I had to put all blogging to the side but I did finish up the pictures I was working on Monday and i’m here to share that with you now. I hate when everything I had plan gets spoiled because with I get sick or my son gets sick but it is getting cooler outside here and im sure we will both be sick before winter actually gets here or winter is over. Anyways, I put together this blog post from a new blog group I’m now part of thanks to my amazing neiceypoo Sarina she told the designer about me and well now i’m part of that blog group as well as the forgotten closet which I also have…

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