Stuck for a Christmas Present?

9 Dec

Hello Lovelies,

I spent far too much time getting to grips with a very simple gift card system yesterday. I mean, really!! I am the worst person in the world when it comes to scripts. Anyhoo, I got it done in the end and it is now up and running in the mainstore \o/

For sale I have gift cards ranging from L$50 up to L$500 (I might make some bigger ones as I increase my number of vendors). Also if you do happen to want to be more generous with someone, IM me and I can always make you a bigger one, The sky is the limit!!! 😀

The gift cards are redeemable against everything in the mainstore except furniture and any collaborations I have out, for example with Needful PIXEL (getting the scrip to work in a shared revenue vendor is waaaaaaaay beyond my skill and patience).

I have also put cards in a MM board, and a Lucky Board so if you are a little bit skint this year and still want to treat someone, so long as you have a bit of patience, you still can!! Or of course you could do what i would do, and spend it all on yourself mwhahahahahahahh 😀

Here are the cards, I am pleased with how they turned out, all pink and sugary \o/

L$500 gift cardL$250 gift cardL$100 gift cardL$50 gift card


Giftcards aren’t just for Christmas remember, so if anyone has a birthday or a rezzday coming up, or you just want to say thank you for being you! Gift cards are ideal, you can grab them in the mainstore or on the marketplace

Happy Shopping, I am off to decorate my RL Christmas tree now with the kids and the cats, wish me luck, between them that tree will probably be over in seconds. LOL



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