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31 Jan


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Soo much stuff to blog, holy moly. I wish you guys could see my inventory. It’s not even funny how much stuff is just sitting there going ‘blog me, blog me’! There isn’t enough hours in the day for me to blog this stuff, I swear it! I’m doing the best I can, without overwhelming you guys with stuff, or blog posts! Bear with me, it’ll get done..eventually.

In any case, some cute new stuff to share! Hope you like it!

– M


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31 Jan

Love the posts, thank you and welcome to the .::Pink Sugah::. family ❤


Evening my lovelies…Its 3am here and I am awake so figured I would get some work done. I have recently added .::Pink Sugah::. to my list of designers to blog for. I wanted more tango boobie stores and this one has some sexy sexy clothes! Ok ladies who has had that boyfriend/fiancee or husband who has forgot something special, wether it be a birthday, anniversary, or dinner date? I know most of us if not all of us has had that happen at least once in our lives. This is what inspired this post tonight…Enjoy it, make sure you check out Pink Sugah inworld or on marketplace as well!!!

Pink Sugah

  stood Up blog 2Stood Up Blogstood up blog 3

.::Pink Sugah::. Spin Spin Sugah in purple w/ tango appliers (dress is mesh)
EarthStones Love Always Set – Dimaond/Platinum
+:+ WTG +:+ **Ribbon-classic** Jeweled nails
*GA* Kylie Shoes in white
*YS&YS* Mat Lips Candy Dark
CaTwA Hair Eva / Light…

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30 Jan
30 Jan

Grenade Free Wednesday and Going Bust!!!!!

29 Jan

Hello Lovelies,

I have 2 events to tell you about today.

Tomorrow, of course, is Wednesday which means GFW @ Jersey Shore. This week I have re released (S)aint in pastels at half price:

saint pastels GFW




This week also marks the first ever Going Bust @ Cleavage, everything released for this from all the stores will be an exclusive of some kind. It is a weekend event running from Thursday to Monday and (if I am not mistaken) it will be fortnightly. For this I am releasing brand new dresses \o/

Hope you like them:

going bust midnight neons for going bust


Happy Shopping





28 Jan

House of Fashion

There are a few more days to check out this cycle of Pre-Release where nothing is over 125 l! The theme is Hangover so there are a lot of cute fuzzy clothing.

Mystic Canvas has put up a beautiful skin that comes with two boobie options as well as a fun little shape. It looks great with the dresses from Pink Sugar and the earrings from Pomposity both on sale at Pre-Release.

pinksugar black and white rawr_004pinksugar black and white rawr_007Demented Dreamworks has a super fun little package of cozy socks for us. There are 6 colors to choose from to wear and you can either wear the socks with the ball or without the ball. You get all 6 colors for a mere 59 l.

Snapshot_005Snapshot_009Snapshot_008Snapshot_007Snapshot_006Infamous is making sure that we are still sexy even if we lounge around the house all day in our undies. Their first item is a sexy little body suit that comes…

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27 Jan


Picture Taken at Bitchpuppet;                


Red Dress;

Nails; Utopiah – Mess Rings in Silver          

Cross Ring; Bens Beauty(fi*Fifty Item)

Boobs; Lolas! – Natural Breasts 2.5

Eyeliner&Lashes; Pink Acid – Mi Amor Deep Smoke

Lips; Pink Acid – BJD Frosting Lip Gloss

Hair; [aux] – Ayumi                 

Boots; *Epic* – Mesh Neo Mega Stompers

Tattoo; Delusions – Web of Deceit

Piercing; {alterego} – fame         

Neck Tattoo; Corvus – People Suck

Dress; Pink Sugah – Hello Sailor (red, white & blue includes Lolas Applier)

Eyes; Tsg – Sleepy Brown                                   


Blue Dress;

Nails; Utopiah – Mess Rings in Silver             

Cross Ring; Bens Beauty(fi*Fifty Item)

Boobs; Lolas! – Natural Breasts 2.5

Eyelashes; Damned                                       

Lips; Pink Acid – Collagen Lips – Red

Hair; Ploom – Telephone          

Boots; *Epic* – Mesh Neo Mega…

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New Lucky Board Exclusive \o/

25 Jan

Hello Lovelies,

I made another exclusive dress for the lucky boards at the mainstore today. It is called Cherish, and it is purple again. I swear I don’t do this on purpose, but every lucky board item is purple. I promise to make another colour next time.

Anyway, here it is:

cherish - lucky board ad


It’s on the board now \o/

Hope you like it



25 Jan

The Young and the Glamorous

Hello my dears! This week I have a super epic update for you. Pink Sugah has been releasing things like CRAZY lately, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. But, I settled down to bring you an epic post FILLED with goodies from Pink Sugah. Tara (owner of Pink Sugah) does a lot of events, so I thought, well why not show you what events she’s taking place in? So, without further ado let’s begin.

Pink Sugah_2
Forgotten Closet: Retro week (I think)
But, regardless Pink Sugah has released … Well you remember those balloon kinda pants? Yep, she released them in both gold and black, they come with a top that matches as well. I am actually kinda digging the designs and the outfit as well. I mean I was born in the 80’s after all. But, seriously run by Forgotten Closet and pick this outfit up today!

Shape: :: alterego…

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24 Jan

.:Forbidden Fashion of SL:.




pr outfit 1 nd 2



Outfit- Walk of Shame – Rawr – by .::Pink Sugah::. @ PRE RELEASE
(includes: dress in 3 color animal patterns & lola tango appliers)
hair- Chynna – fades byTRUTH
skin- Mari Promo by ZOUL CREATIONS
shape- Amyness by .:FALLENDREAMSINC:.
eyes- elven leaf by~*BYS*~
ears- Obsessed by B.D.R
shoes- Megas boots black by TEN”10
lashes- VIP Gift Vamp by **NOYA**
makeup- Drama Black by .:GLAMORIZE:.
mouth addon- OpenMouth addon by [ PXL ]
piercing- SnakeBites by [PuncturedPinup]
Boobies- ::: Tango ::: by LOLAS!
nails- #P027 Clear French 3color change by Candy Nail


Outfit- Walk of Shame – Shades of Grey by .::Pink Sugah::. @ PRE RELEASE
(includes: dress in 3 simple colors & lola tango appliers)
hair- Chynna – fades byTRUTH

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