3 Jan




You Wanna Get With Ginger Spice


As you know the beautiful Tarah brought us a taste for the Spice Girl’s in this new round theme for the Forgotten Closet…an intrinsic flashback to the magical 1990’s!

Pop in that old Spice Girl’s cd or cassette you still have laying somewhere in your memories box gathering dust bunnies and get ready to transcend backwards!

I love this look…and I hope you both love and enjoy it as well…I will bring you a taste for Scary and Posh Spice after this…so stay tunned!!

much luv mah loverlies!!


Shape: Sophia

Skin: Vanity Tan Skintone Natural n Smoky Naturals 01 (ME)

Eyes: Hazel Blue Naturals (T)

Hair: Rebecca Reds in Cherry (Truth)

Tattoo 1: Cross Tattoo (HD)

Tattoo 2: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’s (HV)

.:.MAKE – UP.:.

Lash: Mega Lash with Liners (F)

Liner: Make Up Eye Red (E) Giftie

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