5 Jan





Scary Spice Makes The Headlines…

A brief announcement we have just spotted Melanie B formerly known to the world as Scary Spice from the 90’s British Pop band Spice Girl’s has landed at Forgotten Closet!

Pink Sugah has taken us on a flashback rollercoaster to the 1990’s…a time where fashion trends were hip, ravin’, flaunting, and over the top!

So hop on in to the Forgotten Closet and check out the amazing and fabulous Spice Girl’s Flashback 90’s from Ginger, Baby, to Scary and Posh Spice…

Pink Sugah surely outdid itself this time…bringing us timeless classic with a hint of popish British culture and elegance all in one.

:.B O D Y.:

Shape: Mia (HP)

Skin: Vanity Tan SkinTone Naturals & Smoky (ME)

Eyes: Surreal Eyes Light Silver (BSN)

Hair: Runway Afro Hairstyle (Tuty’s)

:.M A K E  –  U P.:

Lash: Eyelashes (F)

Lips: Princess Rehab (P)

:.O U…

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