Almost Classy………..Finally Updated & Featuring in a new event \o/

12 Jan

Hello Lovelies,

I finally got around to updating the Almost Classy Dresses, so if you already have them, drop me a nc and I will send you the new appliers that are compatible with both Tango and Deviant Lush. They are available to buy at the mainstore right now

Or…………..if you can wait a couple of days they will be available at a brand new Boobie event called Boobies Planet \o/ I’m sorry to say that I didn’t manage to get an exclusive item made for this event as I have been so busy with other comittments, so I have put out a few old favourites at special prices for the event:

Almost Classy greyscale pack vendor for boobies planet Almost Classy colour pack vendor - boobies planet Rapture blacks vendor - boobies planet


These will be on sale at the new event from 15th January, which is the same day as the Hello Titty Hunt starts \o/ what a busy day that will be!!!

Happy Shopping



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