18 Feb

Bootie & Boobies

With more titty-wares than you can shake a stick at, Bewbapalooza has established itself on the boobie grid as a go-to shopping event for the dressing ‘the girls.’ The current round has just passed its halfway point, so if you haven’t already had a look, you’ve got until the end of this month to browse through the new layout and get an eyeful of what the participating designers have to offer.

Zee ❤


Pic #1:
Outfit: Bazookas – White and Tight (Bewbapalooza)

Pic #2:
Dress: :::candygirls::: Cut Out Mini: Baby Pink (Bewbapalooza)

Pic #3:
Dress: ! ellemeno ! tiffany gown – bubblegum (Bewbapalooza)

Pic #4:
Dress: DCNY Stretch Crochet Dress V2 Jelly (Bewbapalooza)

Pic #5:
Outfit: D’Noir – Last Night dress – Pink (Bewbapalooza)

Pic #6:
Outfit: :FY: Love Me Outfit (Bewbapalooza)


Pic #7:
Bodysuit: Frosting!! Fishnet Bodysuit

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