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Colour Explosion Hunt

28 Apr

Hello Lovelies,

The Colour Explosion Hunt starts on 1st May, the item will be hidden in my mainstore.

colour explosion poster


The hint for this hunt is “breakfast at Tiffany’s”

I hope you like the prize, it is the first thing I have made post baby, I’m amazed I didn’t make it upside down I am so tired.

Watch this space for more as I am slowly but surely getting back into sl and making stuffs. I think the next thing to look out for will be Hello Titty Tuesday next week. I doubt I will manage any events for May, but fingers crossed I will be back in at least a few for June. I am especially looking forward to the brand new event at Cleavage, I’ll post more details about it soon.

Happy Hunting



Honey, I’m hommmmmeeeeeeeeeeee…

18 Apr

Hello Lovelies,

Me and my beautiful baby are home safe and well. He’s having a nap right now so I have sneaked on to the computer to get myself organised into having a great big sale in my mainstore to celebrate:

baby sale


I am planning on it running from sometime today or tomorrow (Friday 19th April) or maybe even saturday (depending on the amount of sleep I get and how many guests come pouring through my door to have a look at the baby) until sometime on Monday.

Can’t really be more specific than that, I’m kinda distracted. But as soon as I am ready I will be sending out group notices, so you can’t miss it!!

As my new baby is my 3rd baby boy, I am marking everything that is blue down to 1/3 of it’s usual price. Sooo, that means you can get packs of dresses for as little as L$33 \o/

Please note you will not be able to use your giftcards on sale items, it is a cash only offer.

Hope you enjoy the bargains



Maternity Leave

5 Apr

Hello Lovelies,

As of today I am officially putting myself on maternity leave. I will be going into hospital early next week to have a c-section and get my little boy \o/.

Please understand that this means I will be away from Second Life for a period of time, and when I do happen to be on, I will most likely resemble a zombie and will be here for short bursts to spend time with people I care about.

I won’t be able to create anything new for a while, and I am taking a break from all events for a month or two at least. I do have every intention of getting back into it all as soon as I can, but as I am sure you understand Second Life and .::Pink Sugah::. is going to have to take a back seat for as long as I need it to. This also means it will take me longer than usual to respond to any queries you may have about purchases from .::Pink Sugah::. Please bear with me, I will deal with them as and when I can.

If you have any questions about appliers for Tango or any other prim or mesh breasts, I recommend you check out the Big Boobie Babes website: Just about everything Boobie related you could need is on here, also, if you ask in the Big Boobie Babe Group chat (if you aren’t a member, you can join from the group joiner in my mainstore) there is always someone friendly and knowledgeable in there who I am sure will be more than happy to help you out.


If you have any customer service or general enquiries about .::Pink Sugah::. Please contact Kittii Jinx in world, she will help you out as much as she can, and if it is a matter she can’t help you with, she will make sure I get the message and I will help you out as soon as I possibly can, but please be patient with me.

If you have any queries about blogging for  .::Pink Sugah::. or are already part of my bloggers group please contact Joycejuhhh Bing (there are 3 h’s) in world. Joyce takes care of my bloggers group and can hire and fire at her discretion (so you better be nice to her lolololololol).

If you have any queries about Sugah Bunnies or modelling for .::Pink Sugah::. Please contact either  MȤ ƝƖƠƁЄ  (crazybytch.venom) or ℳş 乇ℓуąℓєşιąηą (justalady). I will not be hiring any new Sugah Bunnies for the foreseeable future, I have a great team of models who I adore and when I get back all the work will be coming in their direction as a thank you for not abandoning me.

I think that is everything, keep watching this space for news.

Thank you all for everything and stay out of trouble while I am gone



Bewbapalooza for April

2 Apr

Hello Lovelies,

Bewbapalooza has altered it’s start dates from this month, it will begin on 5th April, and then on the 5th of each month after that. This is my favourite boobie event, Emms does a great job of organising it and there are always some really great creations from some fab stores there.

Here are my items for this month:

crucify - embellished - vendor - bewba crucify - floral - bewba - vendor crucify - silk - vendor - bewba

A big big biiig thank you to Nina, Ry and Dolly for helping me with the pictures ❤

Hope you like them 😀



2 Apr

Bootie & Boobies

It’s another round of Going Bust at Cleavage and this round’s items won’t disappoint! But you’ll all have to hurry to grab these while on special because the event ends tonight, April 1st (and we aint’t foolin’!).

Elle & Zee ❤




Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Julia Mesh Hair Blondes Pack (WCF2)

Eyes: TSG Beauty Eye Green

Eyelashes: Angel Rock Eyelashes J Curl Paris Show Girl

Eye Make-up: Pink Acid Model 101 Eye Makeup

Piercing: <-Puncture-> Gemstone Naval Piercing

Panties: %.:EC:. Gisele Pantie Black (WCF2)

Shoes: *MC* Fabulous Heels (WCF2)



! ellemeno ! Tiffany Gown – Coral (Going Bust)
Pink Acid Mildred Lips & Teeth – Caramel (SL Buddy Walk)


-NewtiQue- Purple Leather Dress (Going Bust)
Pink Acid Winter Lips & Teeth V2 – Nude (Prev. Soho Sample Sale)


..:sexZ:.. Cropped…

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Hello Titty Tuesday :D

1 Apr

Hello Lovelies,

It is my turn to take part in Hello Titty Tuesday this week, I can’t believe we are on the 5th week of it already and it is going so well!!! Every week there have been some really fab items from great shops and not a thing over L$50 \o/

This time I have made something a little different to my usual style, I often read people saying in the group chat for Big Boobie Babes “why are the clothes for tits always slutty? Why aren’t there more things available that cover us up a bit more?” So this time, I made some vintage blouses with a high neckline, very pretty but certainly not slutty (unless you go pantless with them, but that;s your call, I won’t judge)

Here they are, hope you like them:

Fools Gold Vendor - flickr


Thank you to Rie and Xanna for helping me out with this picture.

This will be available in my mainstore from midnight to midnight slt on Tuesday 2nd April, after that it will be taken down from sale and won’t be put up again for at least a month after and then it will be full price, so grab these tops while you can!!

Here is the SLURL:

On a side note, these really sexy boots I am wearing in the picture are from Kennedy’s, you can grab those here:

Don’t forget to take a look at the Big Boobie Babes website for more info about the stores taking part in this weeks Hello Titty Tuesday:

Sorry if this post seems a bit disjointed, I’m busy panicking getting everything out of my magic box before sl retires them while I am a bit busy having a baby, terrible timing *shakes her fist at LL for being so inconsiderate*

Hope you all had a lovely Easter

Happy Bargain Hunting




P.S Don’t forget the 50 shades of….hunt has started, you are looking for the tie ;P~