Honey, I’m hommmmmeeeeeeeeeeee…

18 Apr

Hello Lovelies,

Me and my beautiful baby are home safe and well. He’s having a nap right now so I have sneaked on to the computer to get myself organised into having a great big sale in my mainstore to celebrate:

baby sale


I am planning on it running from sometime today or tomorrow (Friday 19th April) or maybe even saturday (depending on the amount of sleep I get and how many guests come pouring through my door to have a look at the baby) until sometime on Monday.

Can’t really be more specific than that, I’m kinda distracted. But as soon as I am ready I will be sending out group notices, so you can’t miss it!!

As my new baby is my 3rd baby boy, I am marking everything that is blue down to 1/3 of it’s usual price. Sooo, that means you can get packs of dresses for as little as L$33 \o/

Please note you will not be able to use your giftcards on sale items, it is a cash only offer.


Hope you enjoy the bargains



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