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On a more serious note……….

30 May

Hello Lovelies,

I want to steer away from the pink and the fluffy for just a little while to tell you a bit about Pixel to Pixel Foundation in Second Life that I am supporting both personally and through .::Pink Sugah::.

P2P Logo - With Tagline P2P Mission Statement


The Pixel To Pixel Foundation (P2P) was established in 2009 to enhance the Second Life experience for people living with disabilities.

Second Life is a lifeline to many people with disabilities. Some (such as those who suffer from severe depression) may live in social isolation, and SL keeps them connected with others in the outside world. Other people may have physically disabling conditions, and SL allows them the virtual experience of full mobility, and even gives them wings to fly.

The P2P Foundation, which exists only in SL, gives direct financial assistance in the form of weekly Linden-dollar stipends to people on disability — that is, those who are supporting themselves solely on disability assistance program benefits. Participants can reside in any country, and their disability assistance can be either from their government or from a private disability insurance company.

Donations to the foundation go directly to recipients, hence the name, Pixel To Pixel (avatar to avatar). The amount of the stipend is $500 Lindens per week, which is equivalent to about US$2 per week in real life. This amount may seem trivial to someone who has regular income from a paying job, but for a person on disability who may have very little money to spare, it can make a real difference for their quality of life in SL. As one participant so succinctly put it, “two dollars for me means a loaf of bread for a week.” The weekly stipend from P2P may enable a participant to rent an apartment or shop, for example, or take photographs or upload textures in SL. Occasionally, the P2P Foundation also gives discretionary grants for participants to start a business or pursue a major creative project in SL.

I now have a donation box in the .::Pink Sugah::. Mainstore

I know it sounds like a cliché but every linden really does count, so next time you are in the store drop a few in if you can afford it, even if it is just your L$1 change from a L$99 vendor, just like dropping your change into the fundraising box on a shop counter in RL. All donations are appreciated.

If you would like to find out more about the Pixel to Pixel Foundation, please contact Jadyn Firehawk.

Okies, we can go back to the pink and fluffy stuff now 😛

It’s just a thrill…….he said

28 May

Hello Lovelies,

There is a brand new release in my mainstore, a super sexy latex catsuit in 3 hot colours, red, pink & violet. It comes with oodles of sex appeal and Tango/Lush appliers………’s priced at L$120 for the pack and just waiting to bring out the Mistress in us all………..because every nice girl, secretly wants to switch ;P  Let’s face it we all need a little bit of kink in our lives every now and again 😀

Here it is:

Breath Play - Hot - vendor


Keep your eyes open for the cool pack coming soon!

Don’t forget to come hit the new MM boards in store, see if you are lucky with the lucky boards and grab the new BBBF group gift on the BBBF wall while you are there. All those items are exclusives and once I change them they are gone forever. The colour explosion hunt is still on as well, it is in it’s last few days so don’t miss out!

Happy Shopping



Staying at the Ritz…

26 May

.:Forbidden Fashion of SL:.

while waiting to party i figured i’d snap some pics 🙂

pink sugah

Fashion Creds

Outfit- Let Her Go by .:Pink Sugah:.
(includes: All layers, skirt prim, & breast applier)
Feet- Vanity by .:FallenDreams Inc:. *not yet released in solid colors*

Avi Appearance
Shape- Amyness by .:FallenDreams Inc:.*custom*
Skin- Jaiden by :Zombie.Suicide:
Eyes- Fate eyes- unlimited customisation by Damien Fate
Eye lashes- VIP Gift vamp by **NOYA**
Hair- Ariel by [LeTuka]
Ears- Mesh Gauged Ear Bases Tattoo :Zombie.Suicide:

Breast- Tango by Lola!

Plugs-Simple Tunnels Add-On by:Zombie.Suicide:
Tattoo- Edward Sleeve by Letis

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New Look Store is now open \o/

25 May

Hello Lovelies,

Finally!!!!!!! Only 3 weeks after I planned to do it, I am ready (sort of) to move over to the new build \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

I’m really pleased with the way it looks and I hope you like it too.

To celebrate there are 2 brand new Midnight Mania Boards:

Breath Play - Midnight Mania Let her go - red - MM


A brand new Lucky Board:

Cannonball for lucky board - vendor

You will still have the chance to win the L$250 gift card on the second lucky board:

L$250 giftcard - new


The Mini Mania currently has Spin Spin Sugah loaded into it, I plan on changing this regularly giving you a chance to win things that are for sale in the store:

spin spin - vendor - new


I have also, released a brand new Big Boobie Babes Freebies Group gift:

Let her go - BBBF group gift


Soon to come are new .::Pink Sugah::. Group Gifts, a lucky cupcake and some new releases for sale. I was hoping to have it all ready for when I opened up the new store, but everything is taking me so long lately I ran out of patience and opened it before I was quite finished.

Watch this space for more news, hope you like the new look

Happy Shopping





Going Bust \o/

22 May

Hello Lovelies,

I’m on the hop today while I get a minute’s peace.

Here is my vendor for this coming weekend’s round of Going Bust:

Let Her Go - Going Bust


The event runs from Thursday 23rd May until Monday and the item will be outside my store at Cleavage.

As usual this event will be chock full of fab exclusives from the stores at the sim, your one stop shop for all things Boobie 🙂

Happy Shopping



Boobies Planet Discount

10 May

Hello Lovelies,

The new round of Boobies Planet begins tomorrow, with a whole host of discounted goodies for your delight.

I haven’t managed to rustle up an exclusive for you this time, but I have put out one of my favourite packs of dresses at half price, in a new look vendor, just to keep teasing you about the new look shop that will open eventually I promise, and I also promise there will be new items for sale, new gifts, new MM boards and luckies for it. Please bear with me though, I am working on it in between the million and one other things I am doing, but I’ll get there in the end.

walk of shame vendor - new


Boobies Planet –

Happy Bargain Hunting



Going Bust

8 May

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve mustered up some sexy vintagey lingerie for this round of Going Bust @ Cleavage It will be available from Thursday until Monday at the special price of L$75 and then it won’t be available again until I get myself organised with the new look store \o/

I’m in the middle of making a new store with a new look and brand new look vendors – this is your sneak preview:

Ooh La vendor

Hope you like it & watch this space for more info about the new look store

Happy Shopping



Keep Calm and Call The Doctor :D

6 May

Hello Lovelies,

This is one of those rare occasions when I am compelled to get off my arse and blog stuff other people have made \o/

I logged on today and Deej from Patchwork Heart messaged me to tell me she had something for me, and to my delight, she has managed to combine 2 of my favourite things in the whole world….Dr Who and Hello Kitty \o/ \o/. Seriously, the only way this could have been a better gift would be if she had delivered me The Doctor himself with a bow tied round his………uhm…..sonic screwdriver 😀

Here it is:

Keep calm and call the Dr


These are available  from Patchwork Heart at this months Bewbapalooza (which I didn’t manage to do this month 😦 what with all the having a baby and whatnot, but I WILL be back next month). You just HAVE to go get one of these, because that is the only way you will find out what it says on the back of the shirt ;P

While I was at it, I have also squeezed in a couple more shameless advertisements for friends stores. The cuffs I am wearing are called Enamel Studded Arm Band were given to me by my very bossy Aussie friend Bugsy from Pomposity:

and the tattoos were from Daves at Dethly Productions, this one is called twisted.

That’s all from me for today, don’t forget tomorrow is Hello Titty Tuesday!!

Happy Shopping





Hello Titty Tuesday

1 May

Hello Lovelies,

I have managed to get myself organised into making stuff a little sooner than I anticipated, so I am taking part in next weeks Hello Titty Tuesday even though I fully expected not to be \o/.

I’m not quite up to full speed yet, so bear with me as things at .::Pink Sugah::. take a slightly slower pace of life than before.

Here is the pack of outfits you will be able to snaffle for the bargain price of L$50 next Tuesday:

lightening bolt vendor - hello titty tuesday, models falcon & sunshine

A biiiiig thank you to Falcon and Sunshine for being my models today and for getting themselves ready in record time and looking so fab!!

Take a look at the BBB website for more details about Hello Titty Tuesday:

Remember this pack of outfits will only be available for 24 hours before I take it off sale and you won’t be able to get your mitts on it for at least a month after and then it will be full price!!

On a side note, the hot tattoo I have on my arms and chest is new from my lovely friend Daves Dethly, here is a link to his MP shop – lots of really cool tattoos with appliers:

Happy Shopping