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Brit Tits

31 Aug

What’s Your Favourite Game?

30 Aug

Miss L ~ Fashion Event – The Rabbit Hole Sales Room & MadHatter “Pink Sugah & Souled Out”

29 Aug

Going Bust @ Cleavage!

28 Aug

Hello Lovelies,

I have been a bit slow making things the last few weeks, it is the school summer holidays still and the weather is fab, which anyone who knows England will know that is a rarity we can’t afford to miss out on! The kids go back to school next week so I should be up to full speed again soon. Though it is going to take me what feels like a lifetime to get the house back in order, the place looks like a bombsite!!! However, I have managed to come up with a cute, fun triple pack of tops for the next round of Going Bust @ Cleavage, which starts tomorrow (Thursday 29th August) and runs till Monday.

Favourite game vendor

I feel so guilty about slacking on SL that I am putting these out for HALF PRICE until the event is over….that means you can grab this triple pack for the teeeny price of L$49. After that they will go up to L$99 for the pack, still not going to break the bank, but hey, half price is ALWAYS better.

Hope you like them



.::Pink Sugah::. @Material Girl Fashion Bazaar

27 Aug

Brit Tits!!!!

26 Aug

Hello Lovelies,

I am really really excited to tell you that I am (with a lot of help from some friends) organising a hunt!!! \o/

I wanted the hunt to be a small one, so I needed a strict theme, I came up with Brit Tits 😀


How cool is this poster! Look at the back, they are Tardis \o/ Deej from Patchwork Heart very kindly made this for me, thank you Deej 🙂

The Hunt is organised by me and sponsored by Tits Up and Rachel Swallows Designs.

If you are interested in taking part as a designer, please hit me up in world for an application pack or grab one from the posters you can find around, there is one at the .::Pink Sugah::. mainstore.

I’m so excited, I can’t wait!!!

Happy Hunting



Sking Brazilia Butt Appliers

26 Aug

Hello Lovelies,

A customer asked me to make her an applier for her Sking bottom today (call me a prude but I am not a fan of the word Butt). I obliged and she was thrilled, so I went out and bought myself one so I can start carrying them in store for all you big bottomed lovelies 😀

Sking Butt Appliers


If you would like an applier made for your mesh bum, please let me know, I will be charging L$50 per applier for them.

I will also be making a charge of L$50 for the pack of appliers to go with future releases.

Happy Shopping



In Bloom!

26 Aug

.alice does boobieland.

25 Aug

jynxxd birdy

k, I am super excited about this hunt coming up
those of you that know me personally know I -love- alice in wonderland
and of course every filthy adult spinoff from it. I know, I has issues.
Anyhow, this is my variation of Alice goes Cheshire kitteh. Enjoy!

skin – pink fuel
hair – taketomi
boobs – vstrings
tail – lemon tea
arm & leg fades – Plastik
claws – Hyperborea
makeup – whatever & moyet

stockings – league
shoes – Spoiled Lil Brat
Skirt – Pink Sugah (for alice in boobieland hunt)

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Custom Work :)

23 Aug

Hello Lovelies,

I was asked to do my second custom work yesterday, this time it was something I already have but in a different colour. The person who requested it is the only person on the grid besides me to have this dress in this colour.

Don't save me, custom colour_001


I was thrilled to be asked to do this!

If anyone would like prices for custom work,  please drop me a line in world to discuss it.