Brand New event – Material Girl :D

16 Aug

Hello Lovelies,


A brand new event called Material Girl starts tomorrow and I am excited to be in it. This isn’t a specifically boobie event, it is rare for me to be involved with events that aren’t all about the boobs, but I really liked the look of this one, so I thought why not!

Here is the info, I have copied it straight from the event organiser’s press release…yes I am that lazy! lol

Material Girl Fashion Bazaar

Start: 17 August
End: 31 August


Group: secondlife:///app/group/b1246f44-9de2-7274-db18-53151c7d3119/about

The new bazaar discount, Material Girl, is done to all the girls who love to shop and feel powerful, our intention is to gather in one place varieties of stores with quality products excellent to several people, you’ve got your Designer content targeted to the male public are also very welcome, this event is held every two weeks after the end of another begin another, and bring new products each reopening.
Me and a team of professionals are working hard for everything that occurs, with excellence to show our members and lovers of fashion a different way of knowing each store and each creation that you put in their windows to sell to their customers.
Showing the public as is the more closely your work as designer, your new collections (and the history of fashion inspirations), offering more entertainment and generating profit for your business.

List Designer’s First Round:

Modamia – Blah Blah Blah – ColorMe – Liv Glam – Kcollection – Modern Couture – Mua Make Up Addiction – Charm – TitsUp – Pink Sugah – Pichi – Loovus Dzevavor – Miss Canning – RUJE – M I N D B U R Y – bodyshop – Candy Cyanide – Coudre

I have brought out 3 packs of the In Bloom dress for this event, they are priced at L$120 for the event, but they WILL be going up in price when they hit my stores later, so if you want the bargain you better grab it quick.

In bloom - chintz vendor in bloom - mannequins vendor in bloom - perfumery vendor LOGO


Hope you like them!

Gotta dash, I’ve a million and one things to be doing as usual 😛

Happy Shopping




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