Going Bust @ Cleavage

23 Oct

Hello Lovelies,

The next round of Going Bust starts tomorrow (Thursday 24th October) and runs until Monday 28th. If you have never visited the Cleavage sim before now really is the time to do it, there is all kinds going on there right now. Lubbly Jubblies is on and a halloween themed hunt with the sexiest spooky halloweeny boobie things you can imagine hidden all over the sim \o/.

This round of Going Bust I have made something kind of special to me, it has been a year this month since .::Pink Sugah::. became a solo project for me and a year this month since I made my first applier and the store really began to take off. I am so so proud of everything I have done in the last year, both in SL and RL and it has been one very veery busy year in both lives, to celebrate I have made a new and updated release of one of my first items with appliers which is still one of my best sellers and one of my own favourites.

Here it is:

Rapture - purple - vendor GoingBustNEWOct2013 BlueCleavageLOGOshiny 1024x1024


Rapture in purples, there is a sheer, leo and glitzy version in the pack with all my usual appliers for boobs and bums!

Hope you like them!

Happy Shooping



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