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Hello Titty Slots!!!

25 Nov

Naughty or Nice Hunt

24 Nov

Hello Lovelies,

I have be SO caught up in all things Hello Titty Slots and Brit Tits Hunt in here, not to mention my family holiday in RL that it really hadn’t occurred to me that Christmas is coming, and it is coming FAST!!!! Making these prizes for the naughty or Nice hunt at the Chest Treasures sim has really brought me down to earth with a bump!

This hunt starts tomorrow (25th November) so there is exactly 1 month to go and I had better get my skates on if I am going to be ready for all the exciting things coming up in SL and the 11 people who I am cooking for in RL on Christmas Day.

naughty or nice hunt poster


All of the stores involved in this hunt have made either one or two prizes, naughty, nice or both! I have done both, so you are looking for a red and a green giftbox in my store at Chest Treasures.

Happy Hunting



Brit Tits is Finally Here \o/

23 Nov

Hello Lovelies,

Brit Tits is finally starting!!! I am a nervous wreck and I can’t believe the start date is finally here, but it is. Here is a run through of the hints and pics of the smallest hunt on the grid 😛 (if this one goes well, maybe I will do something a little bigger next time)

I am SO excited and so so so pleased with all the effort everyone has gone to making such awesome prizes.

I’m not giving you the SLURL’s to them all, I’m following Issy’s lead from The Dirty Pillows Hunt and making you hunt them down yourselves!! The only SLURL you have is the starting point 😛

Here are the Piccies and the hints:

The prizes are all hidden inside a teapot, had to be something totally British 😀

#1 .::Pink Sugah::.

My Gran always said a pot of cold tea once a week keeps them happy

#2 Tits Up

Teddybears tea party? nah lets give it to the kitties

#3 Rachel Swallows Creations

Little Angel

#4 Patchwork Heart

Gatcha get me a cup of tea..

#5 Hard Candy

Would you like some tea? Asked the panda

#6 Newtique

I love my *muscles*

#7 Skip for now

(The LM for number 8 is in the teapot at Newtique)

#8 Sugar Button Boutique

All this hunting makes me thirsty, fancy a brew?

#9 Drop Dead Gorgeous Skins

Most Brits like tea, this one prefers cocoa


Mr Roboto is the man to see!!!

#11 PB Designs

The British love to EAT and DRINK but to find me you will have to think

#12 ZooK!

Three’s a crowd

#13 F’n’hawt

♪ They’re bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy ♪

#14 Sleeping Koala

Evie’s favourite combination – Tea and Cupcakes

#15 Hello Titty Slots

Bonus Prize from Tits Up

Nobody puts the teapot in the corner

Bonus Prize from .::Pink Sugah::.

Girl’s best friend…..?

I really really hope you enjoy this hunt. I have had fun organising it, if it goes well, I might just do something a little bigger next time

Happy Hunting



Such Such Exciting News :D

22 Nov

Hello Lovelies,

This is one of THE most exciting posts I have written. I have been bursting to tell you all this for a little while now, but I had been sworn to secrecy. Well….now the secret is well and truly out!!!

Busted logo

Maggie Bluxom, the owner and creative force behind Busted magazine is retiring from her role and has handed over the reigns to a new team of partners in the magazine. The team is as follows:

Editor in Chief: Rachel Swallows (Elenamicheals Core)
Fashion Editor: Tara Asamoah
Features Editor: Colleen Criss

Don’t panic if you are a fan of Busted, we are not coming in to tear it up and start again. We wanted to take over this project when the opportunity arose, because we LOVE what Maggie has achieved and are thrilled at the chance to work with it and build on it, while sticking to Maggie’s principles behind the magazine.

For those of you who don’t know the magazine, there is a kiosk at my mainstore, please come by and pick up the latest issue to familiarise yourself with it. It is a great read, beautiful pictures and a wealth of information for the Busty women of SL and our admirers. Very soon it will be all that and MORE, with the introduction of the fashion section (my bit) of the magazine. If you feel this is something you would be interested in being involved with as either a designer, model or photographer, please watch this space for more information about how you may be able to do this in the coming months.

We look forward to working alongside the AMAZING team that Maggie has in place and learning from you as we go. We ask you to bear with us and help us out while we find our feet and hope you will be as happy to work for us as you were for Maggie. We are all nice, I promise.

For now, I would just like to thank Maggie so so much for trusting us with her baby, we won’t let you down! *raises a flute of the pinkest champagne with pink diamonds in* “Here is to the future of Busted”

Happy Reading!!


*Lilac Dreams*

22 Nov




Good Afternoon yall. This is a new release brought to you from .:Pink Sugah:. for the Going Bust @ Cleavage Event. It  runs from  Thursday 21st November until Monday. There is 2 different dresses to choose from. A pink on and a Purple Lace like you see above that I have blogged for you. This outfit is called “Bella” (Purple Lace)


Poses: :Belle Poses: 

-Female Single 1

-Female Single 5

(Thank you so much Libby for allowing me to use your poses in my blogs)

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Little Bit Nipply

22 Nov

GO GO Hello Titty Slots!

21 Nov

Beauty Lies Within

The November edition of the Hello Titty Slots Event  is open NOW!!
There are SO many cute things at this event…here is today’s little peek.

Tw@ttyC@ke made these super Morphin dresses that are sexy and fun! The pink and the yellow dress are RARE so try your luck 😛

Tw@ttyC@ke HTS Morphin


HelloTitty Slots sponsored by 2

Hello Titty Slots Event 


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Brit Tits!! Is Coming!!

21 Nov

Forbidden Apple Hunt

21 Nov

Hello Lovelies,

Just a quick post about the Forbidden Apple Hunt which starts tomorrow (22nd November)

Forbidden Apple Hunt


Please note that the hunt prize is the top only, I totally forgot to put that on the advert (sorry). This is  L$1 hunt and the clue is “Vanilla or Strawberry?”

Hope you like it



Going Bust This Weekend!!!

21 Nov

Hello Lovelies,

It is a very busy time for me right now in SL. Hello Titty Slots started yesterday, Going Bust today and then on 23rd November my very first hunt starts \o/. Busy busy busy as usual.

For Going Bust this weekend I have released Bella in a brand new pack of PURPLES!! I love this dress so much and people are always asking me to make more purple things, so here you go:

Bella - Purples Vendor GoingBustNEWOct2013


The vendor will be set at the introductory price of L$99 for the weekend, but after Monday it will be at normal selling price, so go grab it now while it is cheap!!!

Hope you like it.

Happy Shopping