Please Help!

9 Nov

Hello Lovelies,

I will be afk from Monday 11th November until Friday 15th. When I get back I will be putting the finishing touches to my items for Hello Titty Slots round #2, and I need your help please!!!

It is no secret that outfit I made for the Alice in Boobieland hunt was a sneak preview of what to expect from me for Hello Titty Slots:

alice hunt poster

But you know me, I am incapable at making decisions at the best of times. So I have created a poll with a few of the ideas I have had for the tags. Please please please could you vote on them so I can see which you like best to help me make a decision about which 10 to include in my gacha 😀

I am also totally open to other suggestions, if you have any ideas please can you put them in a nc labelled HTS Tag – Your Name and drop it in the mailbox at my mainstore. If I use your suggestion, to say thank you I will send you a full set of the outfits from the gacha as well as a L$500 .::Pink Sugah::. Giftcard.

Thank you SO much for helping me out with this, I can’t wait to see the results when I get back online.



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