Lubbly Jubblies for Christmas AND New Year!

15 Dec

Hello Lovelies,

This round of Lubbly Jubblies is doubly exciting for me! First off it is my first round as a sponsor of the event, which I was so pleased to be asked. Second off, because the round runs right through Christmas and New Year I had to think of a way to make something to get us all in the mood for both, which is a challenge to say the least. So, I have come up with 2 versions of the same outfit…Holidays and the very ominous sounding Resolution.

Holidays is pretty and fun with fluffy collar and cuffs, very festive feeling, soft colours and all round sweetness:

Holidays - Frosty - Vendor Holidays - Warm - vendor


And Resolution is for that dreaded time where we all realise we ate and drank far too much and have to get moving and tough with ourselves to shed those extra pounds! So Resolution is a much harder looking camo version of the same, perfect to wear to get back into shape:

Resolution - Pinks - Vendor Resolution - Real - Vendor


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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