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Whore Couture Fair 3 – Final Preview

28 Feb

Hello Lovelies,

I can’t quite believe that the third Whore Couture Fair begins tomorrow \o/

I am all set up and ready, I’m really pleased with how my booth turned out, if I get chance to get over there again later today I will take a snap and post it up here so you can get a sneak peek.

I realised I had only shown you guys the Bombshell dresses in one colour, and you would probably want to see the rest. So I grabbed Gothi and had her do her modelling bit with me to whizz up a few pictures really fast so you can see all the colours:

Bombshell - promo pics - colours_001 Bombshell - promo pics - colours_002 Bombshell - promo pics - colours_003 Bombshell - promo pics - colours_004

And, just in case you missed the rest of my preview pictures here they are too:

bombshell promo - finished bombshell promo - B&W finishedwcf promo 2 bath_010 - finished - wcf logo wcf promo 2_004 - done - wcf logo dirty martini - bows dirty martini - dotty black dirty martini - poodles dirty martini - dotty red

Only a matter of hours to go now!!!!!

I’ll post the SLURL for you tomorrow

Happy Shopping



Curvy and Sexy.. ready for Whore Couture Fair?

27 Feb

Gorean & Urban Dressing Room

culo1 culo2

Outfit: ::PS::. Dirty Martini  – Knickers – Lower – Dotty Black for Whore Couture Fair start saturday landmark coming soon!


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Going Bust!

26 Feb

Hello Lovelies,

With everything that is going on for me this week I didn’t manage to make an exclusive for this round of Going Bust (sorry, I promise not to make a habit of it). As the weather seems to have turned a bit nicer here, I am feeling springy, so I am going to reduce one of my best selling mesh dresses to half price instead.

So just 60Ls for the pack of 3!! Enjoy!

Pink Sugah @ Cleavage 


More Whore……

25 Feb

Good Morning Lovelies,

It’s a little before 8am here, which is early to make a post even for my standards. I’m up and ready, the kids are fed and ready for school and I have half an hour to spare before I have to take them. This week is SUPER SUPER busy for me in SL. I have Whore Couture Fair starting on Saturday and the BUSTed  Whore Couture Special coming out on the same day……and also, because that isn’t enough of a challenge for me with all my RL stuff as well, the MegaStuff hunt is coming up too. Phew!

I’ve finally finished off the vendors for the lingerie for Whore Couture and it now has a name \o/ Many thanks to Toy Wiskee for coming up with the name Dirty Martini, which I just love because it makes me think of James Bond, which makes me think of my future husband, Daniel Craig (not that he, or my current husband know about this yet) and that has GOT to be a good thing!

Here they are:

dirty martini - bows dirty martini - dotty black dirty martini - dotty red dirty martini - poodles


and in case you missed them last time, here are the promo shots:

wcf promo 2_004 - done - wcf logo wcf promo 2 bath_010 - finished - wcf logo


Happy Shopping



Spending the day in bed

24 Feb

Veroniques View of SL Fashion

Bad Eddy Collage Lounging in bed all day, reading magazines, catching up with the blogs on the computer, doing what ever makes you happy.  I am loving my new bed from Bad Eddy’s , filled with over 200 animations.  Of course these are the tame ones, but let me tell you, add a partner and things defiantly heat up for the good!  Comes with All shown with a helpful rez box.  Will bring out the naughty in all of us.  Speaking of naughty, never felt so sexy lounging as I did in this sexy outfit from Pink Sugah , available at the Whore Couture Fair.

The Details ~

Skin –  :.::Hot Stuff::.: Hayley tan *pre-release*  Will be in stores soon!

Shape – Custom

Eyes –  adoness: –  F R O S T: Eyes: Gifty – Swirls in my Eyes – Emerald

Eyelashes – .::WoW Skins::. –  Eyelashes pack 2013

Mesh Breasts – Lolas :::…

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.::Pink Sugah::. Loyalty Scheme

21 Feb

Hello Lovelies,

I have had a loyalty scheme going in the store since I installed Caspervend last August, and me being me and pretty much sucking at remembering to do ANYTHING, I have never told anyone about it *facepalms*.

I’m having a week of making myself do silly little things that I keep putting off or forgetting both in RL and SL this week, and this is today’s SL job, to let you all know about the store credit you can earn when you shop at .::Pink Sugah::. \o/

So here is what you can earn:

Minimum Spend % Discount
L$2500 5%
L$5000 10%
L$10000 15%
L$15000 20%
L$20000 25%
L$50000 50%
L$75000 75%
L$100000 100%

I’ve gone right up to the 100% mark with the discounts, I am pretty sure no one is likely to ever spend 100k in my store, but if you do……… are absolutely welcome to get 100% return for it!!!!

A few notes about this:

*This scheme has only been in place since I installed Caspervend, it is impossible for me to backdate any sales. I’m sorry, I would if I could but it just isn’t possible.

*Returns are in store credit NOT lindens and are not transferrable to Lindens.

*Store credit can be earned and used at any of my vendors with the exception of Gachas and items that are collaborations with other stores.

*Store credit cannot be used or earned on Marketplace purchases.

*Store credit CAN be used and earned on the purchase of gifts for friends, alts etc.

*Occasionally at events I am unable to use Caspervend Vendors, in these cases no store credit can be earned or used.

Please do not contact me to ask me to make exceptions to these rules, they are in place for practical reasons and I can’t change them regardless of the circumstances.

Sorry to get all formal on you there, but if I don’t make things clear (and even when I do) some numpty will contact me to ask a daft question, so I try to cover everything 😛

Of course, I can and will change these rules and or my vending system at any time without notice. I probably won’t, but just in case….

Okies, I think that is everything covered. Now go shop and get that credit up up up!!!!!

Happy Shopping





Competition Time…..Whore Couture Fair Second Preview

19 Feb

Hello Lovelies,

I have been working away on my second exclusive for Whore Couture 3, and I just can’t decide on a name……..I need your help.

Here are a couple of pictures of the exclusive to inspire you:

wcf promo 2 bath_010 - finished - wcf logo wcf promo 2_004 - done - wcf logo


How to enter:

Create a notecard in world and name it .::PS::. WCF Name -[ Your Name]

Put the name you think I should use for the lingerie in the note and drop it in the mailbox at the main entrance of my mainstore  by no later than midnight on Friday 21st February. I know it isn’t long, so you’ll need to get your thinking caps on fast!

What does the winner get?

The person who’s suggestion I choose will win:

*L$500 giftcard for .::Pink Sugah::.

*Fatpack of the lingerie on the day Whore Couture Opens

Good Luck



Whore Couture Fair 3 – First Preview

15 Feb

Hello Lovelies,

I have been working really really hard on my first exclusive for WCF3, and I got too excited not to share:

bombshell promo - B&W finished bombshell promo - finished


The dress is called Bombshell, I’m not sure how many colours/textures it will come in yet. I do know it has taken me a long time so it will be part of the .::PS Boutique::. range, which means it will be priced a tiny bit higher than my regular lines (it still won’t break the bank though I promise).

Its a system layer dress with a corseted back and mesh skirt panels in 5 sizes (I think, I’ll have to double check that) so you get the best of both worlds. The perfect fit of system layers and the flexibility and movement of mesh. Of course it will come with all my usual appliers too.

I hope you like it! Now to get working on the second exclusive!!!

Happy Saturday



WCF3 poster texture

It’s Explosive!

15 Feb

…well perhaps that is an overstatement. It is pretty though 😛

I felt my mainstore was getting a little bit neglected with all the events I have been doing and events I have coming up, so I sat myself down today and whipped up a little twin pack of cute leopard print bodysuits to appease my guilty soul.

Here it is:

explosion vendor


I had Nico modelling for me, as you can see there is quite the size difference, nothing that can’t be overcome with a small library though 😀

While you are at my mainstore don’t forget there are loads of hunts going on right now, take a look at the hunts and events wall by the main entrance for info on what to look out for.

Happy Shopping



Lubbly Jubblies

14 Feb

Hello Lovelies,

It’s time for another round of Lubbly Jubblies @ Cleavage, and this time in the new look Lubbly Jubblies room. \o/

This round starts tomorrow (15th February), for this round I have made adorable teeny tiny tops that are all kinds of cute and sexy! Not only that…I have also made some matching knickers (Panties to my American friends) to go with them and just to add a little bit of excitement to our lives I have put them in a bargain gacha. If you are lucky you will snaffle a fatpack as a rare 😀

Full Circle poster full circle knickers gacha poster

sailor pack neons pack spring fling pack vintage pack


Happy Shopping