Thrift Shop

5 Feb

Hello Lovelies,

I’m pretty excited to be in The Thrift Shop event this round. Everything on sale there is 50% off, there are loads of exclusives and old favourites from sooooo many designers you won’t believe it. Loads and loads of bargains to be had. I have made and exclusive for the event, so grab it while you can at the special price:

Thrift Shop Flier Full 4.0 2014

heartache ad poster heartache - apple vendor heartache - baby blue vendor heartache - baby pink vendor heartache - electric blue vendor heartache - grey vendor heartache - hot pink vendor heartache - lemon vendor heartache - purple vendor heartache - red vendor


I’ve also taken two of the gacha machines at the event. One will contain the pretty eyes gacha and the other a brand new exclusive set of Sugahlicious Lipstains and Glosses:

lips gacha poster thrift shop Eyes Gacha Poster

The doors open to Thrift Shop at Midday on  Friday 7th February, so be ready to rush in and grab all those exclusive bargains 😀

Happy Shopping



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