.::Pink Sugah::. Loyalty Scheme

21 Feb

Hello Lovelies,

I have had a loyalty scheme going in the store since I installed Caspervend last August, and me being me and pretty much sucking at remembering to do ANYTHING, I have never told anyone about it *facepalms*.

I’m having a week of making myself do silly little things that I keep putting off or forgetting both in RL and SL this week, and this is today’s SL job, to let you all know about the store credit you can earn when you shop at .::Pink Sugah::. \o/

So here is what you can earn:

Minimum Spend % Discount
L$2500 5%
L$5000 10%
L$10000 15%
L$15000 20%
L$20000 25%
L$50000 50%
L$75000 75%
L$100000 100%

I’ve gone right up to the 100% mark with the discounts, I am pretty sure no one is likely to ever spend 100k in my store, but if you do………..you are absolutely welcome to get 100% return for it!!!!

A few notes about this:

*This scheme has only been in place since I installed Caspervend, it is impossible for me to backdate any sales. I’m sorry, I would if I could but it just isn’t possible.

*Returns are in store credit NOT lindens and are not transferrable to Lindens.

*Store credit can be earned and used at any of my vendors with the exception of Gachas and items that are collaborations with other stores.

*Store credit cannot be used or earned on Marketplace purchases.

*Store credit CAN be used and earned on the purchase of gifts for friends, alts etc.

*Occasionally at events I am unable to use Caspervend Vendors, in these cases no store credit can be earned or used.

Please do not contact me to ask me to make exceptions to these rules, they are in place for practical reasons and I can’t change them regardless of the circumstances.

Sorry to get all formal on you there, but if I don’t make things clear (and even when I do) some numpty will contact me to ask a daft question, so I try to cover everything 😛

Of course, I can and will change these rules and or my vending system at any time without notice. I probably won’t, but just in case….

Okies, I think that is everything covered. Now go shop and get that credit up up up!!!!!

Happy Shopping





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    […] Well, you can still find both the .::Pink Sugah::. and .*CHaRM*. mainstores there, but you can also find a new .::Pink Sugah::. discount store where I have reduced many of my older lines and some of the newer ones to to 50% off. These reductions are pre-retirement, so please grab them while you can as they won’t be there for long! These items also count towards your store credit earnings. […]

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