Grenade Free Weekend!

3 Apr

Hello Lovelies,

For this weekend’s Grenade Free Weekend @ Jersey Shore, I am releasing something rare for me………….jeans!!!!

I have been seeing a lot of florally chintzy jeans in RL lately and I thought to myself, I HAVE to have some of those in both worlds, so here they are:

Happy Jeans Advert

GFW-Grenade Free Weekend


These will be for sale in my Jersey Shore Store for the introductory price of L$99 for the twin pack on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th April this weekend. After that they will vanish completely until I am (I know you must be thinking by now is she ever going to get this damn store ready) up and running in my new mainstore, and then they will be for sale at full price. So grab the bargain while you can 🙂

Happy Shopping



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