FINALLY!!!!!!!! .::Sugah Plaza::. is Here \o/

27 Apr

Hello Lovelies,

At last I’m ready (sorta) to move over to the brand new .::Sugah Plaza::. \o/

It has taken me weeks and weeks to get it all sorted out in between my increasingly busy (which I am also excited about) RL and all the fab events I have been working on for SL, but finally the day has come where I am ready to move over to my new mainstore and to open up .::Sugah Plaza::. which probably qualifies as Second Life’s smallest mall. Everything is still located on the same parcel, so there is no change of LM…I like to keep things simple, lol.

So, what’s new about it?

Well, you can still find both the .::Pink Sugah::. and .*CHaRM*. mainstores there, but you can also find a new .::Pink Sugah::. discount store where I have reduced many of my older lines and some of the newer ones to to 50% off. These reductions are pre-retirement, so please grab them while you can as they won’t be there for long! These items also count towards your store credit earnings.

I’ve taken a few snaps, here they are:

sugah plaza 1_001 sugah plaza 1_002 sugah plaza 1_003 sugah plaza 1_004

I also have a handful of small stores that are available to rent. If you would like more information about renting these please IM me for a chat. My first renter is Blink2Wink who’s designs I am totally in love with, and I am really happy Lindsay has decided to take a rental at .::Sugah Plaza::. I am looking for great quality stores with styles that fit with my own, stores that I think my customers will love.

Blink2Wink - New Logo (16_09_'13)

I also have a brand new .::Pink Sugah::. group gift to celebrate the opening:

lovefool - group gift - poster


Also to look out for in the coming days and weeks @ .::Sugah Plaza::. are:

~ A new paid group for .::Pink Sugah::. with some AMAZING benefits, watch this space for details

~ New exclusive releases from .::Pink Sugah::. and .*CHaRM*.

~ New MM boards from .::Pink Sugah::.

~ Hunts

~ and a mini gacha yardsale, which basically consists of all the things Kittii and I have bought and then never used. Any renters are of course welcome to put their items out too.

Phew, I think that is everything. If I’ve forgotten something I will fill you in later, lol.

You will probably see me puddling about the parcel a lot for the next few days while I put out finishing touches and stuffs. Say hi if you see me, I am very nice I promise 😛

Happy Shopping





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