Lubbly Jubblies and Bodify

16 May

Hello Lovelies,

I’m sorry I didn’t manage to post about these events before they started, but I have been feeling very sorry for myself after a trip to the dentist left me feeling like I was the loser in a boxing match! Anyway, I am feeling much better today, it is still sore but I feel like I can trust myself to not be completely grumpy with everything today 🙂

Lubbly Jubblies and Bodify both started yesterday (15th May) and I have exclusives in each of them. For LJ I have made a long line corset with garters:

bad blood advert


I have 4 twin packs and a fatpack available for you, I didn’t get chance to make piccies of all the colours, but if I manage to get them done I will post them here for you ASAP.

For Bodify I have done a very naughty little halter dress:

Miracle poster miracle vendor - black miracle vendor - blue miracle vendor - nude miracle vendor - pink miracle vendor - purple miracle vendor - red miracle vendor - white


These are for sale singly and in a fatpack for anyone who can’t decide on a colour!

I am heading off to find some more pain killers now!

Happy Shopping



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