Cirque De Seraphim – Teaser 2

2 Nov

Hello Lovelies,

I am practically brimming over with excitement about this event now \o/

I have finished off my second exclusive and have some more piccies for you guys of my first ones! I am still really hoping to fit in a third, which will be limited edition if I do get it done….VERY limited edition!

Here is my second exclusive:

Trapeze Poser - Poster

The trapeze was made for me by my partner Nico, you can find some more of his work for sale on his MP page. These are the first set of poses I have made for sale, it is something I have started playing around with recently for my own use, I needed this for my vendor pictures, so I thought why not put it for sale. The poses are of course created using my usual shape, wearing implants and my Phat Azz, so they are suitable for more petite and curvy avatars, but should work well on slimmer taller avatars also. Please try the sample at the event to be sure they work for you.

And here is the full selection of my first exclusive:

Trapeze vendor - Pink Trapeze vendor - Gold trapeze vendor - deep blue Trapeze vendor - BlueTrapeze vendor - Purple

Trapeze Poster

Here are the maps of the event, so you can find everything easily when you get there:


For more info about the event take a look at my first teaser post.

Cirque de Seraphim - Initial Poster (07012014)

Happy Shopping



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