Big Boobie Babes Freebies

Hello Titty Hunt 4: PeekaBoo Edition Application

This hunt is presented by the Big Boobie Babes Freebie Group. Over 6500 Members strong and growing!

30 Spots Only

The Hunt Runs Sept 1-20
Application Deadline: Aug. 4, 2014

By submitting an application, you agree to the following:

♦ Design a hunt prize that adheres to the THEME*: “Peek-a-Boo”
The BBBF definition of Peekaboo:
1. Made of a sheer or transparent fabric OR
2. Revealing usually small areas of skin OR
3. Offering only limited display or disclosure of a teasing sort
♦ Offer Quality Prizes that reflect as a promotional for your shop/brand.
♦ Resellers, previous gifts/freebies, unedited MP Templates are NOT allowed.
♦ All Prizes MUST be Prim/Mesh Boob Friendly. Visit our blog for list of boobs:
♦ No mall locations, unless you have direct teleport to entrance
♦ Join the Hello Titty Events Group inworld (Primary Hunt Communication)
♦ Lastly, you agree to place Hunt sign promotional board as well as updates as needed.

Hunts are promotional events that gives your shop/store advertising advantages. We are aware of hunt cheating and tricks, but please consider the bigger picture: Thousands of new potential customers for your brand. We ask that you do not hide your object in unreasonable areas. The average hunter will spend 15 minutes looking and then often looses interest. Hunt objects should be strategically placed in areas that gives good views of your shop and special items. Thank you for your interest in applying and chosen shops will be contacted and giving further instructions.
\o/ ~Renee India

Application below, please copy and paste into a new NC. Return application to Renee India
~~~ Return Completed Application to Renee India ~~~

Your SL Name:

Store Name:

Mainstore Slurl:

Mainstore Landmark:

Region Rating:

Brief description of your shop/business:

Boob Appliers Supplied* :
Additional Appliers Supplied:

Blog/Flickr/Website URL:

Would you like to participate in a Post Hunt Poll?


Thank you!
Renee India – BBBF Hunt Organizer
BBBF Blog link:

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