Going Bust!!!!

30 Jul

Hello Lovelies,

I know I know, I am meant to be having a little holiday from making things, and I have, I really have. But I just wanted to and conveniently enough there was a round of Going Bust coming up, so here I am!

Here are the tops you can grab for half price outside my mainstore @ Cleavage from Thursday 31st July until Monday 4th August:

Runaway Advert runaway vendor - green & Yellow runaway vendor - pink & blue runaway vendor - purple and red GoingBustNEWOct2013


Now I will crawl back under my rock for a little while longer :P


Happy Shopping




Brand New BBBF Group Gift

19 Jul

Hello Lovelies,

Since BUSTed is now an official sponsor of my group Big Boobie Babes Freebies, we have been able to secure a HQ for the group, on the same plot as the BUSTed main office!!! This is really great news for us as it means we have a secure home once more. I’m hoping the building we be overflowing with awesome gifts for you guys very soon, not much there as yet, but I have got the ball rolling with my own brand new exclusive BBBF Group Gift:

BBBF Gift Poster


Just wear your Big Boobie Babes Freebies group tag and it is yours for the grand total of L$0 \o/






16 Jul

Originally posted on Cirque de Seraphim:

Seraphim is thrilled to announce an upcoming sim-wide sales extravaganza!

Cirque de Seraphim - Come On Poster

For detailed information regarding the event, please read our Terms & Conditions page.

To apply as a Cirque de Seraphim designer, please fill out the Designer Application.

Applications for Cirque de Seraphim event bloggers will be coming soon!

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Lubbly Jubblies is coming!!

13 Jul

Hello Lovelies,

2 more days till the next round of Lubbly Jubblies starts. I promised to show you the rest of the colours for the Sail Away shirt dress, so here they are:

Sail Away - Poster



Sail Away vendor - navy Sail Away vendor - pink Sail Away vendor - red Sail Away vendor - white


Happy Shopping




Sail Away

11 Jul

Originally posted on SwaggaJagga:











AZZ-BANNED-FitMesh Booty

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Summer Jams, Lubbly Jubblies and Pink Sugah, OH MY!

10 Jul Featured Image -- 2480

Originally posted on Cleavage:

There are tons of events/sales going on at Cleavage this week, but they are coming to an end soon! So you don’t miss out an any of them, here’s a recap with their ending dates.


Summer Jams ends 7/11 at noon SLT. Participating stores: sexZ, 1Hundred, Bad Apple Designs, Ellemeno, F’N’Hawt, Gala Fashion Designs, Gatherings Designs, Infliction, Jelly, Perch, Pink Sugah, Sassy!, TRS.

Have a look at the jammin’ items up for grabs below!


Lubbly Jubblies Logo FINAL

 Lubbly Jubblies ends 7/13 at noon SLT. 20 designers have new exclusives available for you in the building across from Lolas! Here’s what you can find there:


.__Pink Sugah__. New Logo

Pink Sugah has brought her main store to Cleavage and to celebrate there’s a SALE going on through this weekend! Until midnight SLT on 7/13, everything in the store is 50% off! How great is that!…

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Preview for Lubbly Jubblies

9 Jul

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve just made this poster ready for the July round of Lubbly Jubblies @ Cleavage  (opening on 15th July) and I thought I would share it with you to give you a little preview on what is to come that round from .::Pink Sugah::.

Sail Away - Poster


You’ll find it in all the colours you could possibly wish for a anchory shirt dress in there! I’ll post more colours as I have them ready, I just wanted to share this with you!

Don’t forget the 50% off sale is on at my NEW mainstore @ Cleavage until Sunday.

Happy Shopping





French Affair

9 Jul


Thank you so much girls! I love it when someone messages me to tell me they blogged something of mine, just because. It is a real compliment and never fails to bring a smile to my face. You look gorgeous <3 Tara xoxox

Originally posted on Cheap Thrill Girls:


 In the city of lights, affairs of the heart cross…

~Bea is wearing~

  • Hair – +Spellbound+ – Suspiria – Vintage Blonde
  • Make up – PELLE – Pin up pink
  • Jewelry – :::HighRize::: – Porn Star Chain (silver)
  • Lingerie – .::Pink Sugah::. –  Dirty Martini – Poodles
  • Bracer – Revanche – Legacy Bracelet Set Black
  • Belly Ring – .:ellabella:. –  Self – Wedding
  • Belly Chain – alterego –  I valentines candy – fuck me
  • Plushie – Alchemy – Doge – French bulldog – Hoodie – Black
  •  Garter – ..::DeliciouS::.. – Dollar gartner
  • Pantyhose – *L.inc* Stripped Pantyhose White
  • Shoes – ReVeRie – WHoRe HeeLS

~Carlee is wearing~

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.::Pink Sugah::. Outlet @ [trs]

7 Jul

Hello Lovelies,

My brand new .::Pink Sugah::. discount outlet is all ready at the [trs] sim \o/

PS outlet logo

Here you can find a huge selection of my older items reduced to 50% off their original prices, perfect if you are on a budget or if you just love bargains!

discount outlet

The collection here will be changing regularly, so remember to keep checking in to see if there are any new bargains to be had. You can also find some of the older .::Pink Sugah::. gifts here, so grab yourself a freebie :D

Happy Shopping





A change of pace for .::Pink Sugah::.

6 Jul

Hello Lovelies,

I have a lot of changes going on in my SL right now and I have been wondering for the last couple of weeks what the best way to “spin” them is……..Then I realised, I have never spun anything in my life and I am not about to start now! So here is all the news, told honestly and in full, the only way I know how!!!

I have some very cool news about .::Pink Sugah::. that I am really really excited about!!! I’m moving my mainstore to Cleavage \o/ Cleavage is without a doubt my favourite shopping sim on SL and it is run by people I am delighted to be able to call my friends and who I know go about their business in SL in the same way I do……with integrity. My new mainstore will be on the same spot that my current Cleavage store is so you already have the LM! I like making life easy for everyone :). I’ve been at Cleavage since the day Zee and Elle opened it, I was such a new name then, I was really really flattered they asked me. I have seen the sim go from strength to strength, running successful events there, as well as the great big collaboration with Seraphim that raised so much money for Breast Cancer Action. BUSTed has a close working relationship with Cleavage too, so upsizing my store there is the most natural thing in the world to me.

Not only that!!!! I will also be taking on a bigger store at the [trs] sim too!!! This store will be a .::Pink Sugah::. “outlet” where you can go to find all my discount items, so those of you who love a bargain, and I know there are lots of you, keep popping over there to see what you can get your hands on cut priced! It isn’t set up as yet, but I promise to post the SLURL as soon as it is!!!!

Now, I am sure you realise that a mainstore in a mall, no matter how awesome that mall is, means I am downsizing considerably (there just aren’t enough prims available at this kind of location for a prim whore like me). I sat wondering, what shall I say about this, will people think this means my store is going under or I am going to close it??????

The truth is, my store is NOT going under, nor do I have any plans to ever close .::Pink Sugah::. unless RL forces my hand, or the Lindens pull the plug. My store is my SL baby and I love love love making things, and get so much pleasure from seeing people wear what I have made.

When I started making clothes in SL, I never really expected anyone to buy them. But they did and before I knew it I had a successful store on my hands and was loving every minute of it!!! How lucky to have a hobby that pays \o/. The downside to this of course is that SL has become more of a job than I ever intended it to. I don’t *need* the money I make here, don’t get me wrong, it is lovely to have money to spend on my family and myself that I wouldn’t have had. But, that isn’t what I am here for. I’ve done so many events I can’t even count them, some have been awesome, others just dreadful, but you live and learn LOL!

Now my RL is changing, I am part of a small but rapidly growing business in RL that takes up a couple of days of my week. My baby is no longer a baby, so he is sleeping a whole lot less, summer is here and in a few weeks my older kids will be off school for weeks and weeks and weeks. I simply don’t have as much time to spend in SL as I once did. The pressure of keeping up with events and all the things you need to do to keep your store “up there” has been getting too much for me and I have felt a sense of dread logging in where I used to feel excitement. This is not how I want it to be, I LOVE Second Life and all the people that are part of my life in world and I don’t want to get to the point where I log off and never come back. So…………I’ve given myself a strong talking to! My move to Cleavage is a huge part of my plan to get my SL back for me and to stop it feeling like a job!

So, here is the plan:

1. Move mainstore to awesome location! Check!

2. Have a great big sale to celebrate! It’s on NOW!!!!!!!!! I’ll be running the sale all week, EVERYTHING at my new mainstore at Cleavage (except Gachas) is half price, get it while you can!!!!


3. Events – I won’t be applying to events as a matter of course anymore. The only events you will see .::Pink Sugah::. in are those that I just can’t resist applying for because I WANT to do them. I’m keeping my spot at Lubbly Jubblies of course, and a little bird told me that another of my favourite events might be making a comeback, so watch this space for more about that!

4. Pink Sugah Platinum – I promised you a paid group with the most amazing benefits and you are going to get it!!!!!! I have kept having to put this off because of deadlines, and I apologise for that, it’s coming I promise! Please don’t think that means the end for my free group gifts, I’m planning on more of those too. I will always be an advocate of high quality freeebies in SL, they are great marketing for stores and they are wonderful for people who don’t have the means to plough money into SL. Everyone deserves a hot avatar!

5. BUSTed – I am really enjoying being part owner and Fashion Editor of BUSTed magazine but I don’t feel like I am giving it as much of my time as I would like. These changes mean I will be able to put more of myself into it.

6. Big Boobie Babes Freebies – I am now finally, officially owner of my favourite group in SL. I’ve been kinda running it for months now, but unofficially. Now, I want to give the group the attention it deserves to make sure it achieves it’s potential! I love those girls…

7. Time to learn – I want to spend time improving at making clothes, working on my photography, do a spot of blogging (and I mean a spot, I won’t have time to do sponsors justice) and I also want to finally get around to opening blender and seeing if I can get to grips with that!

8. My friends – I have left this last on my list, but it is the most important to me. I have let a lot of friendships on SL slip away from me because I never gave them time, I was always too busy working. However, I am lucky enough to have friends who didn’t get sick of waiting, and now I am going to have time to just hang out with them and laugh!!!!

So that is that really, I’m sorry it was long and probably boring, but I wanted to say it all and be truthful.

Happy Shopping








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